Sunday 2 June 2013

Irish Holiday!

So, last weekend we took the ferry to Ireland!
We stayed in the house of some relations who were away. Which meant we had the best bits of staying in someone's house, but at the same time we had it to ourselves! :-)
We went to the toy shop.
We went swimming every day and had picnics on the beach (which is just down through the back garden). However, this is the Atlantic Ocean we're talking about, so wetsuits are a necessity!
We ate fish and shellfish (well, some of us did!), and we played cricket outside after dinner.
We visited the Island of Garnish. Which has the most beautiful gardens, but strangely, no house. Lots of ornamental buildings, and lovely gardens, but no-one can stay there so the island is uninhabited by night.
We saw lots of fat, happy seals.

And we had lovely, lovely weather! :-)

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