Wednesday 18 November 2009

The story of my life this month!

Being ill, pregnant, and busy is a really bad combination!
Most of the month so far has passed like this:

Monday 2 November 2009

Halloween/Bonfire night Arts and Crafts Party!

We had some friends round to do some vaguely Halloween-y/ Bonfire Night Arts and Crafts. We started off making cats and owls out of toilet rolls!
We made popcorn and stuffed it into vinyl gloves;
Of course, quite a lot got eaten - but popcorn counts as one of our 'five a day', so it's not all bad!
We made some chocolate refrigerator cake, then cut it into strips (logs),
And made bonfires!
We made spiders out of egg boxes and pipe-cleaners,

And painted them!

And we had Pumpkin soup, and Gingerbread with Apple Sauce for lunch! Yum!