Wednesday 5 September 2012

St Giles' Fair

So, we went to the fair yesterday!

We went on lots of rides.

This is the monster on the top of the ghost train. It's not nearly as scary during the day time as it is at night! Phoebe got quite close to inspect it - but it's anamatronic and it moves when you least expect it!

Again, I don't usually put my children in cages. But this ride was brilliant value!
Quite cheap and the man running it got distracted with a conversation with a friend, so we had a VERY long ride for our £1!

And here's our haul! (All of which I could have bought cheaper at the Pound Shop, but that's not the point!)

And because it's St Giles' Fair, we took a break and went into the church to eat our sandwiches and listen to some bell ringing!