Monday 19 December 2011

Happy Christmas, everyone!

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas, and every blessing for 2012!

This is an Icon called 'Stella Maris; Our Lady, the Star of the Sea', a Neo-Coptic icon written for the Apostleship of the Sea by Dr Stephane René.

And, something else to think about at this time of year:
(PS. It's worth reading out loud, and slowly)

What The Donkey Saw
U.A. Fanthorpe

No room in the inn, of course,
And not that much in the stable
What with the shepherds, Magi, Mary,
Joseph, the heavenly host –
Not to mention the baby
Using our manger as a cot.
You couldn’t have squeezed another cherub in
For love or money.
Still, in spite of the overcrowding,
I did my best to make them feel wanted.
I could see the baby and I
Would be going places together.