Tuesday 16 August 2011

What I did on my holiday!

Well, every morning we'd get our wetsuits on;

Then, we'd walk to the end of the garden, down a small path, and onto the beach.The low tide was quite early in the morning. The weather was really good, these photos are just taken early on, before the sun came out!
Phoebe found LOTS of dead crabs! I have high hopes of a career in pathology for her!
There was lots of shell-seeking and rock-pooling!
The rock pools were full of surprises!
Because the whole beach was covered at high tide, the beach was washed clean every day.
And, of course, we'd swim!
The sea was lovely and calm - but COLD!

Tuesday 2 August 2011

Daddy and daughter in the sea!

We've just come back from holiday in Ireland. This was taken on the little private beach below the house we were staying in. The sea was cold, which is why Ken's wearing his wetsuit, but strangely still, like swimming in a lake.