Tuesday 31 July 2012

So far this week......

 So, this week we've been back at Rectory Farm. Picking their fantastic strawberries, and drinking their BRILLIANT fresh strawberry milkshakes. 
It was all going so well, until Phoebe tripped over on the timber trail and bashed her mouth. Luckily no teeth lost this time! But it did take a few days for her lip to go back to it's normal size.

As you can see her lip still hadn't gone down two days later when we went swimming.

On second thoughts, I shouldn't have let the children mess around with my phone taking pictures in the changing room. It slipped off the bench on to the floor and cracked the screen :-(
Thank Godness for the lovely Indian guys on the Cowley Road, who fixed it in an hour!
I've found that I'm a bit dependent on my phone!
In other news, there was a wedding at our church. Here's the beautiful bride who was so kind and gracious, and had long conversations with Phoebe when I'm sure she had many more important things to be doing! Many Congratulations to the newly wed Mr and Mrs Edmonds! Wishing you many happy years together!
And, apart from that, we're having lots of picnics. Got to make the most of the good weather while it lasts!
Apart from that, there's been the small matter of the Olympics. Did everyone watch the opening ceremony?