Friday 26 February 2010

Catch up!

Well, the weather here is getting better, slowly! Because of the Cesarean, my particular Lenten penance is to walk everywhere (in all kinds of weather!) until the Doctor gives me the 'all clear' to drive.
You can imagine how much I enjoy the walk to school at the moment!

On the bright side, lots of our friends have been visiting us. At home, and at Grandma's where we've also been spending quite a lot of time recently!

Phoebe is loving being a big sister again, and having a baby to cuddle.
Daddy's behavior sometimes gives us cause for concern, though.......

Monday 15 February 2010

So, here she is:

Tabitha Kathryn at a few hours old!
It only took a few hours for her name to be abbreviated to Tabby-Kat!
The monobrow is a combination of her actual eyebrow and the forceps marks. Annoyingly, despite a long (22 hours) and mainly gentle labour, I got stuck at 6 cm (A-GAIN!), so we ended up with another Cesarean, and I got another infection, and we had to stay in hospital a-GAIN!
It seems my pelvic shape is triangular, which is called an 'android' pelvis, and can make it hard for a larger, posterior baby to turn during delivery to fit through. Which seems to be why we keep getting stuck in the same situation

Here's Michelle enthusing about spending time with someone less than 24 hours old!
At one day old in her hospital bassinet/fish tank thing.

Grandma and Auntie Sox admiring the newest addition.
By the third day in hospital we'd gone through all the girly baby-gros and she was into Guy's hand-me-down's. This nice blue one has cars on it!

Now, true to her name, the Tabby-Kat spends most of her time eating and dozing in front of the fire!
So, anyway, forgive me for my rather shoddy blogging record recently! I promise to do better!