Sunday 30 November 2008

In which the car undergoes therapy!

We've been making up shoeboxes of the childrens' old toys for
We dropped them off at the depot, which is very much like Santa's workshop (only on an industrial estate!)

The depot had counted over 13,000 boxes when we dropped ours off!

How's this for dedication to your art? Busking on a piano!
Or do we just have a better class of street musician in Oxford?

Sadly my beloved car, which can hold more children, parents, buggies, and assorted junk than you would have ever believed possible, suffered a breakdown this week.

This resulted in lots of walking
and waiting at bus stops; with only Phoebe's singing to take our minds off the cold!
We briefly attempted some gardening

But we're fair-weather gardeners. Much better to stay in by the fire!

Tuesday 25 November 2008

Ode to Joy!

Interpreted through instinctive dance!


Saturday 22 November 2008

A week in pictures!

Firstly, Welcome to Johannaka!

And many congratulations to anyone who's recently become pregnant!

On Monday we went to the garden centre

With Guy's lovely friend William!
On Tuesday we went to the library
On Wednesday we met the new horse that's in the field we walk past on the way to school.
On Thursday we went shopping. Guy couldn't decide between an apple and a brownie - so had both!
It's really difficult to take a picture of someone on a space hopper without losing the top of their head!
Friday we were back at Blenheim.

And to our Parish Concert in the evening. Here's the raffle for the interval:-

Monday 17 November 2008

Going to London to visit the queen!

This weekend we went to a Birthday lunch for the lovely Melanie!
Happy Birthday Mel!

We went down on the train, which was fun!

On the underground, while trying to keep the children in their seats, I heard myself say; "Phoebe! Guy! If you don't sit down right now, there will be NO SUSHI!"

Cue snickers from other passengers.

Here's Guy asleep on Uncle Richard and Evil Auntie Peril

Watch how long it takes me to work out that they've started taking the photos:-

The lovely Melanie is the one between me and Richard - Doesn't she look great!

And if you want to keep tired children happy on the train on the way home - try a balloon!

Thursday 13 November 2008

Pot-Pourri Post

Pot pourri post (with acknowledgement to the rather wonderful Octomom -

I’ve had a rather bizarre day fuelled mainly by caffeine, sugar, and local anaesthetic – please excuse the rambling!

I heard on the radio that US President-elect Barack Obama visited the White House for talks with incumbent George W. Bush. Mr Obama and his wife Michelle will also get a tour of the building which will be their home from 20 January.

I now have a rather surreal scenario in my head, of the Bushes showing the Obamas around; pointing out the door that’s a bit stiff (don’t worry – it’s always been that way!), explaining which day you put the rubbish out on, and desperately hoping no-one notices all the little bits they’ve repainted and touched up! That's how it's been with every house hand-over we've ever done!

Phoebe: “Look Mummy! I made an alien hat – I’m going to be a garlic!”
Mummy: “Do you mean dalek?”
Phoebe: “Noooo. Don’t be silly!”

This is Captain Black. He is very nice. I had a bad day today so he is putting the children to bed. I am VERY lucky. Let's hear it for Husband Appreciation Day!

Saturday 8 November 2008

Overheard today.....

Daddy:"Come on Phoebe! We've got to go to the shop and get some things for the house."

Phoebe: "Are we going to the shop where we bought my bed?"

Daddy: "No. That was Ikea."

Phoebe: "Oh. Is that where Mummy does the fighting?"

Daddy: "Yes. (Pause) No, wait - that's Aikido!"

Phoebe: "Oh!"

Thursday 6 November 2008

Another wedding!

Congratulations Katie and Tim!
It was in a lovely old barn. Here's a (very unflattering) picture of me trying to keep the children amused!

In fact Guy was the only one who looked really good!

Quick query - do other people's children eat olives off their fingers?