Saturday 17 July 2010

Ah, the British!

Just in case we weren't conforming enough to stereotype;try this!

On a more personal note;

I found this poem the other day - isn't it lovely? And accurate!

By Fran Landesman

Photographs are smiles that last forever
Snowmen that can never melt away
Birthday celebrations caught in amber
Rescued from the vaults of yesterday

Faces that were once more dear than diamonds
Boys who kept you up until the dawn
Houses filled with bicycles and babies
Ghosts who left their shadows on the lawn

Photographs are holes in time’s grey curtain
Through them we can peek into the past
Call upon our parents and our children
Pop a cork with members of the cast

There they are, the days of jazz and joy-rides
Snaps of magic moments lit by laughs
If you ever find my house on fire
Leave the silver
Take the photographs

Friday 2 July 2010

Sorry for being so lax!

It's been a busy time, so I'll run through the highlights!
We went for proper afternoon tea with Marianna and Lara. Doesn't it look lovely? I can recommend the cake - it was fantastic!

After tea, Marianna cuddled Tabby-Kat;

While Lara bravely endured Guy's piano playing!
He stopped half way through to take his top off!
And we went out to a cafe with Guy and Ita, and received lots of comments about twins!
Sometimes you can see the similarities;
and sometimes the differences!

The horses continue to enjoy Phoebe tender ministrations, and the apples she sometimes brings them!
Guy and Ita took their friend Claudia to Blenheim - and much ice-cream was eaten!
And Tabby-Kat continues to be a contented lady of leisure, and has particularly enjoyed lying on the grass in the dappled sunshine on these lazy, hazy days.

That's it for now! I'll try to have something more interesting to post soon!