Wednesday, 12 August 2009

What we do when the sun's shining!

We like to have a picnic-style dinner in the garden. The children have been playing in the sprinkler which is why they're in their swimming cossies.

I often come back to the laundry that I had left drying on the line, only to find it's been made into a camp!

And, best of all, we grew some butterflies from caterpillars and released them.

Nothing quite as up-lifting as watching butterflies fly free!


Unknown said...

Love it! These are the good 'ol days.

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

I love that you were able to watch caterpillars become butterflies! What an awesome thing for the kids to learn.

Are you getting any more energy yet? I read back a few posts and saw that you were still not feeling the best in your pregnancy. :( Hope that turns around soon. It certainly is work to grow a little one. :)

Concerning the healthcare issue in the US - many others could give you a better answer, for I try to steer a bit clear of the political drama that so often breaks out here... I do, however try to be an informed citizen.

My understanding is that a universal healthcare plan would make many feel like their own freedoms are being taken away and in the hands of the government. No choices, no freedoms. It makes us feel like we, as a country, are going in the wrong direction. -A direction where our agonizingly fought for freedoms are subtly being taken from us.

I haven't read up on it all very much myself yet, so ask around to others for opinions and you will find out alot more.

By the way - I had a good laugh over your laundry turning into a camp - sounds like something my boys would do. :)

Mozi Esme said...

What a great picnic - pillows and everything! That butterfly looks cool. And I do hope the clean laundry didn't get dirty or anything like that while in camp!

Thanks for the tip of taking Esme to the library while she's overdue for a nap. Unfortunately, I've done that already - I think that might be why they charged me - to get back at me for disturbing the peace? :)