Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A trip to the Zoo!

On Friday we went to the zoo!
We watched the Meercats,
And the otters,

And some very strange birds!
Then we went to the playground!
We did lots of climbing!
And tractor driving,
And sliding!

Then we went to the nicest (and most expensive!) garden centre on the way back home.
How can you not love a garden centre that has a children's cinema?
And lets you swing on the garden furniture!
It looks comfy, doesn't it?

Then, we picked Daddy up and went for sushi!
Phoebe likes to dissect her sushi. I don't know why. We've offered her sashimi, which she turns down. She likes her sushi, she just likes it separated!
Guy and Daddy drinking miso soup!

It's Phoebe's job to get the dishes we request off the conveyor belt for us.
She takes it very seriously!

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