Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Park pictures and some pregnancy questions

The weather here has been pretty horrible recently, heavy rain and surprisingly cold winds - welcome to another British summer!
But when the weather clears, out we go:-

I have some questions about this pregnancy;
Why am I so exhausted all the time? Is it just trying to entertain two small people, while growing a third? I'm taking vitamins and supplements, and although I'm a vegetarian, I have started eating more fish.

Why am I still getting so emotional/sick/insomniac even though I've passed the twelve week mark? Anyone out there have any advice for women who've previously had caesareans, but who want a minimum of medical involvement?

Okay, enough questions for now!
These were the only clothes I managed to find to wear to my friend's hen night on Saturday:

And for comedy value:
You may not be able to see Ken's golf ball stuck in this tree, but you can probably see the golf club he threw up to try and get it down -

It didn't work!


Unknown said...

The answer to most of your questions is: hormones, hormones, hormones.

Didn't have a C-section, but know that you can go natural after one or two.

Probably didn't help very much.

Mozi Esme said...

Love the playground photos! And our outfit is cute!

I think exhaustion is normal - especially while running after two others... And I was sick up to 16 weeks, so hopefully things will improve for you at some point soon!

So tell me, what got thrown up there to get the golf club down? Or is it still up there?!