Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Happy 6th Birthday!

So, Guy turned SIX on Saturday! I was working in the morning so Daddy took everyone to the cinema (Guy's request) then we went out to lunch as a treat, with birthday cake. It's the Easter holidays right now, and all Guy's friends are away, so we'll have a small party towards the end of the month when everyone's back.
Being six does seem to make him particularly funny and charming, and quite LOUD!

But it also seems to have made him VERY accident-prone. He managed to trip over his own feet in the supermarket car park, while his hands were in his pockets, so he did a perfect face-plant on the tarmac. A few days later his face still hasn't healed completely!
Still, Happy sixth Birthday, Guy! I'm sure there's plenty more hurt and hilarity in the year to come! :-)

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