Sunday, 15 February 2009

The things your children learn from you!

My ability to clean while wearing pyjamas and heels has always been a source of great pride. And I am pleased to see this particular skill has been passed on to one of my children.
Sadly, it may have been the wrong one!

Then again, in years to come his housemates may thank me!


Gill said...

Oh bless his heart that is too cute! LOL!
One day you WILL be thanked for adding this to his education ;)

Gill said...

OK ok now i know im asking the right lady...why is the Black blood thing a good thing? Please tell a clueless and little worried Mommy! Thanks honey!! hehe

carrhop said...

This is so cute!!! It looks like he's coming up with a tap dance routine to me!


Unknown said...

Ginny -- I just saw this. It's so adorable. xxx