Thursday, 5 February 2009

No business like snow business!

This is the path we normally take to school.

We bowl along on the bike. Guy on the front, Phoebe on the back, Mummy huffing and puffing in the middle doing the pedaling.
We like to say hello to the horses as we pass. And on the way home we sometimes stop and feed them any carrot sticks or apple slices left over from Phoebe's lunch box.
But not today!
This is our street.
Even I am not hardy enough to go out cycling in the snow.
Small amounts of snow, yes. But snow none the less.
Apologies for our snowman's crooked teeth - a bit of British dentistry for you!


Gill said...

LOL sure looks like the children are enjoying the snow!! Try pulling them to school on a sled it was closed! We were off Mon and Tues!
Love the snowman!

Unknown said...

So beautiful! I love the snow, but never rarely see it. Enjoy!

carrhop said...

Snow, snow, snow! Yea!!! Love the British dentistry snowman--hysterical!

BTW--your description of yourself on your 'about me'---absolutely love it!!!

The new layout looks great! Hope the kiddos have enjoyed their winter wonderland!

Hugs and blessings!

Unknown said...

I love your photographs, your kids are so cute.
I love the post about the little ones playing in the showers, and is it hard to make marmalade?
It looks SO good :)