Monday, 9 February 2009

Sickness, cabin fever, and invention potential!

I have sick children today!

Actually, I have one sick child, and one healthy, happy full-of-beans child. But sadly, no Daddy or Grandma to sit with one while I take the other one to nursery this morning. So, predictably, he is bored to tears and so antagonises his sister.

And the garden still looks like this:-

On the bright side, Phoebe made a lovely Peanut Butter, Banana, Chocolate cake for the Greek Orthodox (yes, we're Russian Orthodox, but we like to help out!)Food Fair on Saturday.

The cats are very funny in the snow. They do this thing which is called either prinking, or stotting, I'm not sure which. But it's when they jump around with all four legs straight.
My advice for when you're feeling low is; watch black (and white) cats prinking in the snow!
Very funny!

So, having had to wash lots of bed linen last night, my idea is (drum roll) disposable sheets! Waddaya think? We could make them out of cornstarch and bamboo like Mother Nature nappies. Then when kiddies throw up all over them, roll them up, chuck them away, lay out another one!
Anyway, if the disposable sheets earn me my first million, the first thing I'll get are these babies

Merrell Spirit High Boots! I love them, but I know that the day I buy them, the snow will disappear and it will suddenly become unseasonably warm!


Unknown said...

The sheets are the BEST idea I've heard in a long time!
Every mother of a sick babies dream : )
Great boots.

Mozi Esme said...

That cake looks wonderful! Hope your kiddie is back to feeling better soon... And I'm all for disposable sheets!