Saturday, 22 November 2008

A week in pictures!

Firstly, Welcome to Johannaka!

And many congratulations to anyone who's recently become pregnant!

On Monday we went to the garden centre

With Guy's lovely friend William!
On Tuesday we went to the library
On Wednesday we met the new horse that's in the field we walk past on the way to school.
On Thursday we went shopping. Guy couldn't decide between an apple and a brownie - so had both!
It's really difficult to take a picture of someone on a space hopper without losing the top of their head!
Friday we were back at Blenheim.

And to our Parish Concert in the evening. Here's the raffle for the interval:-


Heather of the EO said...

That picture with the horse is so great. It looks like you live in a beautiful place.

Anonymous said...

What a fun week !

carrhop said...

What a fun week! And what a fantastic idea to do a picture a day--it's all those small events that weave a beautiful family tapestry!

M and I are off on a little holiday together and I had told myself I would only sneak a few peeks at blogworld and wouldn't make any comments or answer email--until I got your gift! Thank you so, so much! I am so incredibly touched! The kids will love Alice in Wonderland and The Night Before Christmas--and we all adore pop-up books! Bless you for thinking of us and for sharing your family life and adventures--what a sweet friend and blessing you are!

Hugs & Blessings!