Sunday, 30 November 2008

In which the car undergoes therapy!

We've been making up shoeboxes of the childrens' old toys for
We dropped them off at the depot, which is very much like Santa's workshop (only on an industrial estate!)

The depot had counted over 13,000 boxes when we dropped ours off!

How's this for dedication to your art? Busking on a piano!
Or do we just have a better class of street musician in Oxford?

Sadly my beloved car, which can hold more children, parents, buggies, and assorted junk than you would have ever believed possible, suffered a breakdown this week.

This resulted in lots of walking
and waiting at bus stops; with only Phoebe's singing to take our minds off the cold!
We briefly attempted some gardening

But we're fair-weather gardeners. Much better to stay in by the fire!


jmt said...

Fair-weather too! *hand raised* Wait...that would probably assume I do ANY gardening, huh? Love the pic of you in the car. Sorry you had troubles!

carrhop said...

Seeing all the boxes in the warehouse is amazing! Wow! It does look like Santa's workshop!

So sorry the car's been 'under the weather'--not fun!

That last picture shows my favorite kind of 'gardening'--it does involve a form of trees, after all! ;o)