Monday, 17 November 2008

Going to London to visit the queen!

This weekend we went to a Birthday lunch for the lovely Melanie!
Happy Birthday Mel!

We went down on the train, which was fun!

On the underground, while trying to keep the children in their seats, I heard myself say; "Phoebe! Guy! If you don't sit down right now, there will be NO SUSHI!"

Cue snickers from other passengers.

Here's Guy asleep on Uncle Richard and Evil Auntie Peril

Watch how long it takes me to work out that they've started taking the photos:-

The lovely Melanie is the one between me and Richard - Doesn't she look great!

And if you want to keep tired children happy on the train on the way home - try a balloon!


Unknown said...

Fun! Not sure about the balloon though. My girls would surely knock some other passenger in the head with it.

carrhop said...

Only 5 frames until we got your full smile! Not too bad!

What a great little trip! So glad you all had fun--and love the shot of the kids on the train~


Gill said...

Sure looks like you guys had a great day :) Bet the balloon on the train made for a few more smiles than would normally be seen :)

Anonymous said...

Great shots ! My daughter loves the train too.