Monday, 5 September 2011

An 'in-tents' experience

Well, we've been spending a lot of time outside: I had some plastic closhes for keeping the slugs away from baby plants, but the children decided they were space helmets!

We also decided that the tents could use an airing!
So, to check we had all the bits and pieces, and that nothing was broken or damaged, we set them up on the lawn.
I should really have chosen a dark night with the rain lashing down. Some how it seemed just too easy pitching the tents in the back garden on a sunny summer's day!

Tabby has a particular penchant for giraffes.
So you can imagine her excitement when we found out that the Cotswold Wildlife Park now has giraffes!
In other news; the other day while in the bath, Guy informed me that he'd found the brain (I think he meant vein) in his male appendage! Of course, I'm pleased he's identified it early - a lot of men I know are still doing their thinking with 'that' brain!

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