Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Menu Planning

This is my fridge:(ignore the hideous curtains - it's a rented house. What can I say?)

There is (starting at 12 o'clock and going clockwise) A card of the Icon of St Nicholas, our parish saint (and who doesn't love St. Nicholas?), my weekly TO DO list, some magnets, an article on 'De-cluttering your life' (because intention is everything!), more magnets, our weekly menu, and an affirmation on Motherhood from The Mother Magazine.
Sacha over at braindribbles posed an interesting question; How can you feed your young children a good and varied diet, when the fact that you have young children leaves you very little time to cook and prepare food?
Our answer is a menu. It has to tie-in with the whole family, and be flexible. But, so far it's working for us.

Monday: All the children have had a hot lunch at school/pre-school/nursery, so in the evening we have pitta bread, houmous, olives, etc. If we have plenty of time I can chop up some veg for crudities, and if the weather's nice we can eat in the garden. If time is tight and we're running late I can still toast pittas straight from the freezer. And I like not having to cook on Mondays.

Tuesday: Phoebe has gymnastics 5-6pm. So when she gets home from school, instead of juice and biscuits I give the children a burger or hot dog. It gives Phoebe a bit of an energy boost before gymnastics, and it means that if the other children fall asleep on the way home, I can put them to bed and not worry that they'll wake up hungry in the middle of the night. If they're still hungry when we get home they can always have more.

Wednesday: Curry and rice (or sometimes noodles). This one is infinitely variable!

Thursday: The children cook dinner on Thursday which means that it's always some sort of pasta bake. Which is fine. Everyone likes pasta. And I like getting the children into the habit of pulling their weight.

Friday: Soup and snacks. Which again can be as exciting or boring as you want. It can be a good way to use up left-overs, or spare vegetables.

Saturday: We usually have pancakes or waffles for breakfast quite late, so we often don't have lunch. Then we have Risotto (of some sort, not always pea!) as an easy, early supper.

Then Sunday, we don't have anything special lined up - Crazy, huh?!
In other news, Tabby went for her eye tests this week.
They put the drops in which make her eyes HUGE! I took her to the cafe afterwards. Here she is eating a currant bun.
And here's a Bushbaby: Spot the difference!There was a profound statement from the parking machine on the way out of the Eye Hospital.
Change is possible. Oh, yes, it is!

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