Friday, 27 March 2009

Conforming to stereotype!

Now, I don't want you to think that all we do is swan around beautiful country estates, stately homes, and quaint towns; eating out in little organic cafes and delis, and shopping in small, independent boutiques.

That being said...........
While the Daddys were having their off-road experience,
The Mummys and children had found a lovely little place to have lunch!
And a little independent toy shop which specialized in Playmobil!

We then checked in to our Hotel
We unpacked and made ourselves at home,
Had a quick walk around the town
Can you see the names of the shops?
I wonder which one was there first!

We had the hotel pool to ourselves!
We had a lovely dinner! And the next morning, a full cooked breakfast, where Phoebe embarrassed us hugely by demanding tomato ketchup with her smoked salmon (oh well!).

And back to Oxford just in time to have an impromptu birthday tea in the garden with Evie!
Here's Guy with Auntie Kelly. Only another 15 years to go, Honey!


carrhop said...

What a beautiful little holiday! Love the Playmobil shop--I have a couple of kiddos here who would have been entranced!

So glad you had a great time!


Unknown said...

I thought that exactly what you Brits did. Darn, you just ruined it for me. By the way, you live in the country I want to visit the most. There and Italy ... Ireland would be great too.

Anonymous said...

You always have such interesting adventures. I love reading about them.

Hey thanks for all the insightful comments on my blog. I love reading what you have to say.