Saturday, 21 March 2009

Busy day!

Well, everyone was up at the crack of dawn yesterday, so as a treat we had a second breakfast at the petrol station.
It's not as bad as it looks! The children shared a blueberry muffin and some juice. However, Mummy caved in and had a coffee and an almond croissant!
Then on to meet Anastasia (in honorary Granny/Auntie mode) to cut some pussy willows to decorate the church.
Despite it being Lent, Anastasia had brought chocolate biscuits for elevenses, thereby securing the childrens' affection for eternity!
Then off to Blenheim Palace for a picnic lunch. Here we are just before our friends turned up.
Then to Phoebe's favourite tree.

I can't really explain how big the tree is,
But you get the idea!
Then down to the ice-cream shop.
Rachel's doing a dance because she's creative and spontaneous like that!


Anonymous said...

That sure looks like a fun day. I loved the tables in the gas station that's really cool. We don't have that.

carrhop said...

That tree is amazing! And your petrol station looks like a cute cafe! I can assure you that gas stations around here aren't so cute!