Wednesday, 28 January 2009

10 NEW things I can't live without

So, the lovely Mama Belle laid down a challenge. What she wants to know is 10 NEW (not the same old thing) things you've discovered that you can't live without and why. So here goes:-

Number one

Ella's kitchen organic pouches. These are brilliant because they're just pureed fruit, so you can give them to children of any age. And because they've got the fiber in as well, it's like a meal and a drink in one! I try to keep some in the car. You can freeze them and use them as cool packs to keep a picnic cold, then they go like slushies. And they're pretty low calorie, if I fancy a snack!

Number two

Diesel jeans. I love them! They fit me. Most of the time they look pretty good (I think - if not, please tell me!). They're not too expensive. And they're pretty hardwearing.

Number three
On-line scrabble/Lexulous. I am a complete scrabble addict! 'Nuff said!

Number four

Tinted/pearlised lip balm. By this time of the winter, in the damp Oxford air, pretty much everything gets chapped. Nice lip balm makes you look smart and saves your lips.

Number five

My crockpot! So uncool, but so useful for vegetarians. Especially in the winter. And also for cooking up beans or pulses, or anything that needs to cook overnight. Just brilliant!

Number six

Fleece nighties. So comfy! And while you may not look so hot, they make you lovely to cuddle!

Number seven

The Phillips 'Add-a-Bike' tag along child's trailer bike. I am now a 'Long Vehicle'.
I have one child on the front, and one on the back! This gets us to school and back two days a week. Lovely in every type of weather, except rain!

Number eight

Angostura bitters. A ridiculous luxury. I just like to have the makings of a champagne cocktail around, should I feel the need!

Number nine

Anything from the Nature Babycare range. They're all natural and they decompose.
I know that I'm just never going to get to the stage where I use cloth for everything!

Number ten
Facebook! Can't live without it!

Oh, and just for the record, if you're ever tempted to order a de-caffeinated, soya milk cappuccino, with sugar-free syrup - DON'T! It tastes like cr*p!
Hot 'Apple Spice' apple juice is ,however, rather nice! You live and learn!


Unknown said...

Love it.

The apple + bananas seem delightful. Don't think we have that here or some of the other things.

Diesel jeans ... never tried them.

I, too, can't live without my crockpot.


Heather of the EO said...

Oh these are FUN. Good to know about the Diesel jeans. I too LOVE me some Nature Babycare. You've also given me some great ideas here (and leads on great products) And the kitchen organic pouches? I've got to see if we have them here? So great!

Anonymous said...

Those pants look so sexy. I wish I could wear them.

carrhop said...

I'll don't think I've seen any of your #1 here in the States, but I'm going to have to look--that would be a great thing to take in the car and the diaper bag!

I have been wanting your #7--I think it would be so much fun to bike that way with some of my 'middle' kids!