Sunday, 7 December 2008

In which the Baroness is very, very ill!

On Saturday we went out for a lovely meal with Grand -Doug.

Everyone was very well behaved and ate up all their food.

Until suddenly, Guy asked to get onto my lap, and vomited EVERYWHERE!
Well, mostly over me! This indignity was compounded by Grand-Doug thinking this was hilarious and regaling the restaurant with stories of the times when I was sick on him as a child.
What made this still worse was that Ken dashed home to get me and Guy some more clothes, and brought back a pair of 'aspirational' jeans that I haven't been able to get into for the last 10 years! 
Anyway, I've got the bug now and I feel like I've thrown up the inside of my toes! But Ken has been wonderful and taken the children all day. They went to the Garden Centre to see Father Christmas, to church (YAY!), and to the soft play.

Luckily the only thing that Grandma could diagnose for Phoebe was a surfeit of ice-cream!


Heather of the EO said...

You poor thing!!! Throwing up is just the worst. Get well!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're sick. Get well soon huh.

carrhop said...

So sorry you're having a round of a vicious pre-Christmas 'diet'--but I did have to laugh, just a tiny bit, that your husband brought you your 'aspiration' jeans (love, love that title)--don't you love a man who still sees you as the undernourished girl you were?!?! ;o)