Saturday, 26 January 2013

Snow! And Afternoon Tea.....

So, yes, it did snow! Enough to play in!

And enough to cause the maximum amount of disruption!
It would have been fine if we'd had the snow over the Christmas break. But, no; the weather waited until we at our most tired and run-down, trying to get back into the term-time routine; and THEN we got the cold weather!
Although, GrandDoug did come to take us all out for long walks, followed by afternoon tea at The Feathers
(Although the children cheated by having Hot Chocolate!)
The most beautiful sandwiches you EVER saw!
And the usual disagreement about whether the jam goes on the scone first with the cream on top, or cream with jam on top. It's a tricky one, and we usually have to have quite a few scones prepared both ways before we can make a decision! :-)

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AKmamaOf7 said...

Cream with jam on top. Congratulations on your snow. We have still only gotten about one foot total this winter. We had around 12 feet last winter by now. Crazy.

Cheers from Alaska. (you have to tell me what year on your birthday or I'll start guessing)