Sunday, 24 June 2012

Camping in the UK summertime!

This is our tent:
It was last used many years ago in the warm and dusty climate of equatorial Africa.
We had a lovely fish and chip supper with our friends. And getting ready for bed in the tent was fun. However, we had the double whammy of a rain-storm, coupled with a very light evening (this photo was taken around 9pm) and dawn arriving at about 4.30am.

As it turns out; the tent leaks quite badly! Here is a picture of a puddle of water inside the tent. :-(
Can you see the water streaming through the walls of the tent.
The last straw was finding out that our milk had been knocked over in the night, and when we opened the food bag, our cereal spilled everywhere.
So, we packed up as quickly as we could, and went and had hot chocolate and coffee and fresh pastries at the service station! Definitely the high point of the weekend!

Oh, and my car got stuck in the mud and had to be pushed out.
This is what we call "character-building" apparently!

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