Monday, 11 July 2011

Aarrgh! Too much on!

Well, we have to find some time to drive to the cargo terminal of the airport to pick up all of these for Grand-Doug.
And I'm beginning to think my children may spend too much time in the car anyway!
Everything is becoming a boat at the moment. But this does seem to be a game they can all play together.
I went to the end of term/Goodbye assembly. Lovely! These things always make me cry!

I've also been attending lots of job interviews, school governor's meetings, selling LOADS of stuff on e-bay to raise funds for the church, cooking and baking for our neighbours who have just brought their baby home. And yet, I don't think I'm doing anything as well as I could and should be doing it.
A case in point, I knocked the lawnmower onto the lowest setting and didn't notice until I'd done a first, very wonky strip!

However, my double chocolate pancakes did turn out well! Yum!

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