Monday, 6 December 2010

Our walk to school

I've often noticed mounting blocks (for getting on horses) around the area on the route we take to walk to school.

It's only now that the foliage has died back enough, I was able to read this notice:

Which makes sense! I'd never thought before of the many problems the urban equestrian would have to face!

We went to Blenheim Palace for the Living Crafts for Christmas fair. Which was lovely, but too many people for any of my pictures to come out well! This is us escaping to the hospitality Lounge (which I don't think anyone else knew about!) for free drinks!
And watched some of the Christmas circus acts.

Then it was off to the Woodstock Arms for Sunday Roast dinner in front of a roaring fire!

Well, okay, it's not roaring in this picture - but it was nice and warm!
And lovely food! Check out their menu. I can personally recommend the Chantilly Dark Chocolate Cheesecake.

Phoebe competed in her first gymnastics competition! No medals, but she tried hard and really enjoyed it.

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Oh how I wish I could visit you. :)