Monday, 7 December 2009

Getting into the Spirit of Advent!

Phoebe's School Christmas Bazaar was on Friday night, so we made Banana Brownies and Pumpkin Bread with Butterscotch Chips (Thank you Octomom!)

And Guy's Pre-school bake sale was on Saturday morning. We made Chocolate Logs and Iced Christmas Trees
Our new Ikea sofa-bed, assembled by my own fair hand, is being adequately tested!
And Phoebe is a cow in the school Nativity play. As every Nativity scene she has ever seen has a cow (or an Ox) in it, she feels this is a very authentic part.
Interestingly, it turns out one of her friends who told me he was an 'alien', turns out to have been an 'angel'! Easy mistake to make when you're five! Perhaps one extra-terrestrial messenger, is much like another?
I remember someone telling me once that horses can regulate the temperature in their feet independently, because they're herd animals. They might end up in the middle of the herd with three feet on dry ground, but one foot in a cold puddle. They could then send extra heat to the coldest hoof.
While this is impressive; I remember thinking at the time that it surely made most sense to develop the bit of the horse's brain that enables them to move somewhere where they're not standing in puddles!

I love watching the horses next to the school, but I don't think they're very intelligent animals!

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