Sunday, 13 September 2009

Our journey to school!

This is how Daddy gets to work in the morning. A 5 minute ride to the train station. A 50 minute train to London. And a 25 minute cycle through London's parks (mainly) to the office.
Guy helps with the folding bike - note the footwear!

And this is how we get to school

We cycle across the field;

Through the woodAnd we get to school in about 10 minutes. So even when it's raining, it's not too bad! Of course, I need to remind myself of this in the winter when it's cold and dark in the morning and the car is looking warm and dry!

My big schoolgirl! (At the end of the day - so she's looking scruffier than usual!)

After school; back over the bridge and into the wood,
Back through the wood,
Stopping only to feed left-over carrot sticks and apple chunks from lunch boxes to the horses.

The best bit about this is that we live 15 minutes walk from the centre of Oxford.

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