Sunday, 28 June 2009

Summer days!

One of the perils of morning sickness, which I hadn't previously encountered. Once you've finished and are ready to go back to bed - there's no space anymore!

As the days get warmer,we're spending more time in the garden.
Here's Phoebe and Guy's first potato crop!

Not so much tilting at windmills, more fencing with the sprinkler!

We went to a Children's Food Festival, where we had water buffalo ice cream, and stroked the baby water buffalos.

We got to see some beef cattle.

And some little piglets watching a show!

1 comment:

carrhop said...

Love your sprinkler/windmill fighters! Keeping the garden safe for all!

The poem you left over at my place yesterday--amazing. I just loved it. Thank you so much.

I'm always amazed at the all the activities and adventures you take your kiddos on! How blessed they are to have a mommy who makes their world such a fascinating place!